Posted on Aug 28, 2019

Muscle Healers Medical-based Injury Rehab/ Prevention & Sports Massage

In case you missed it, there’s been a trend of some college programs offering scholarships to kids at much younger ages than normal. With the kids back in school and fall just around the corner, it’s time to kick off the football season. From pee-wee football to the pros, footballs players of all ages and skill levels are prone to injuries. From keeping you in the game to preventing future problems, massage for football players is an effective technique that lessens the impact of the game on your body.

Football is a difficult sport. Athletes ranging from 160 to 380 pounds sprint, struggle, push, jump, leap, dodge and tackle each other, all while moving a ball on a small field that is 53.3 yards wide by 100 yards long. As they interact, players’ knees, arms, legs, muscles, bones and bodies, are strained, hyper-extended, tweaked, squeezed, wrenched, pulled, torn and twisted (among other things).

Sports Massage can alleviate pain, increases function and adaptability. Elongating muscle tissue can help reduce the amount of stress on joints and decrease the potential for injuries.

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